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Inland Line Out To Underwood Rare M1 Carbine – ITEM 2007

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The Underwood’s barrel date is 6-43. The carbine’s serial number is 752165 in the Inland serial range. Inland Division of General Motors supplied receivers to other manufacturing company’s that were running short of receivers. This was to keep production running smoothly and on time. These “Line Outs” are rare today! The company that receives these receivers will then line out Inland and put their production name in place of Inland. This “Line Out” is one of these receivers. Underwood Lined Out Inland and put their .U. code for Underwood for their use and assembly of the Underwood Carbine. All of the gun parts are Underwood Coded. These parts are correct for the time frame and barrel date. The carbine shows light service use and wear. The metal parts retain all of the original finish. The flat bolt has almost all of the original bluing intact. The Underwood barrel bore is bright with sharp lands. The front and rear sight are original to this gun. Even the magazine is Underwood coded. The stock and forend is Inland coded. The recoil plate and butt plate is also by Inland. The stock and forend is coded IO. This complete stock is in very nice condition. I do not know if Inland delivered to Underwood complete stocks with the receiver order. My research has not come up with a answer to this. This is how I received this carbine. Sometimes it is best to leave well enough alone! These “Line Outs” were done very rarely. This is a fine example of cooperation between the various companies to keep war production going smoothly!

Curio&Relic LHEE ( 7) F. No. 621 -22