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ITEM 1987- SOLD – Mossberg Targo Miniature Trap Clay Bird Thrower With Accessories


Item Number 1987 Category


This Mossberg Targo Miniature clay bird trap kit has the following items. The clay bird thrower that is designed to clamp onto the gun barrel, A clay bird carrier that hooks onto the waist belt, Instruction sheet, Three different threaded muzzle tubes. A wrench to tighten the tubes and a poor condition partial original box. Also included are five original Targo clay birds. The thrower is in very fine operational condition showing no sign of ever being used. The three muzzle tubes are as follows, A number 111 Targo Tube which is a counter bored shot spreader. The next two tubes are marked RA1 Rifle Adapter which is a rifled 4 1/4 inch tube not including the threaded base. The clay bird carrier has a hook to hook it on your belt to carry spare birds. It most likely will carry 18 birds. All of these items are correctly marked. This is a nicely designed fun device for practice shooting. This kit is designed for working with Mossberg Guns.
J.L.V. Consn. (7) F. No. 613 -22