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ITEM- 2012 – SOLD- Colt Model 1911 Pistol World War One Issue With Original Holster


Item Number 2012 Category

This military Colt was produced in 1918. The pistol’s serial number is 298256. The barrel is correctly marked with the P H on the top of the barrel by the ejection port. This barrel is chambered for the 45 A.C.P. cartridge. The bore is in very fine condition with a bright bore and sharp lands. This Colt is in original condition with all of the parts correct for the serial number range and time frame. There is no alterations done on this fine Colt. This Colt has the original war time finish intact. The original bluing would rate a 96% or better condition. The original wood checkered grips are in very fine condition. These grips have no cracks or chips. The checkering is sharp with very little flattening of the points from wear. The magazine is a correct late wartime original two tone magazine for this pistol. The slide is tight on the rails and the action works very nicely. These 1918 Colts had weak bluing that wore off easily. This Colt has the original bluing intact and in nice condition. The grips are also in very fine condition. The holster is an original Rock Island Arsenal Model 1916 holster dated 1918. This holster is in very fine condition. There is no loose stitching or other issues with this fine holster. Like this pistol, this holster has seen light use and wear. From a collectors point of view, it is always nice to have a correct original holster with a pistol! Here is a very fine condition World War One Military Colt 1911 with a very fine original issued holster.

Curio&Relic AEEE (7) F. No. 620 -22