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ITEM – 2019 – SOLD – Colt Model 1911-A1 Civilian Early Post War 38 Super With Early Fat Barrel


Item Number 2019 Category

This Colt was produced in 1947. The pistol’s serial number is 50454. This is a second year production of the post war 38 Super production. This Colt has the correct “Fat” barrel. These barrels were produced using the 45 A.C.P. barrel blanks. The slimmer style barrels came out latter in production. Those slimmer barrels then became the standard style. These “Fat’ barrels were used for only a short time. This barrel is in very fine condition with a bright minty looking bore. This Colt has the “Pony” grips installed. These grips were used interchangeably with left over World War 2 grips until they were used up. The “Pony” grips were then used until they were phased out with another style of grips. These “Pony” grips were known to shrink with age. These grips show typical very light shrinkage around the screw holes. The slide has the high polish sides. The slide fits snug on the frame rails. The bluing is strong with very little wear. The frame bluing shows almost no loss. This pistol would rate a 97% or better condition. The magazine is the correct early style Post War magazine. This pistol shows light shooting and handling. This is a well cared for Colt!

Curio&Relic ALOE (8) F. No. 623 -22