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ITEM – 2021 – SOLD – Johnson Automatics Model 1941 Rifle With Bayonet & Scabbard


Item Number 2021 Category

This Johnson was produced in 1941. The rifle’s serial number is B 7822. This Johnson has the usual mixed serial number parts. Johnson Automatics never made a effort to match the serial numbers to their rifles. This was part of their sales approach that all of their parts were totally interchangeable and need not to be matched serial numbered to function correctly. The original barrel is in very fine condition with a bright bore with sharp lands. These rifles saw limited service with the United States Marines in the South Pacific Theater of Operations. The 10 round rotary magazine could be loaded with the 5 round Springfield chargers or by single loading. The original bayonet and scabbard also comes with this rifle. The bayonet and scabbard is in very nice condition. The bayonet has the point intact with no abuse. The leather scabbard also is in very nice condition showing service use. The leather is sound with no damage or separation. These bayonets are quite rare today! This rifle shows light service use and wear. This rifle has all of the original military finish intact. The stock has no damage or alterations. This stock has some light dings and storage scuffs around the magazine swells. The wood finish is intact with no re sanding or rework. The rotary magazine has the original finish fully intact. The rifle’s hold open is present. The sights are original and unaltered. This Johnson is one of the nicest that we have ever have come through our shop! This is a 100% original un messed with as issued Johnson! This rifle would be hard to top!

Curio&Relic RKEE (8) F. No. 624 -22