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ITEM – 2026 – SOLD – Winchester Model 61 Counterbored Shotgun Carbine


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This Winchester was produced in 1957. This shotgun’s serial number is 264906. This is one of around 10 shotguns that were produced with the 19 inch barrel. These very rare guns were shipped to Abercrombie And Fitch in New York. It is not known if Winchester or Abercrombie And Fitch were the ones’ to shorten these barrels. This shotgun has the crowned barrel muzzle. The counter bore is three inches. This gun is in minty condition! There is no box with this gun. The original bluing would rate 100% condition. The stock and pump handle are in new condition. This gun is the ultimate rarity for this Model 61 Series of Winchester!

Curio&Relic JLV Consn. (9) F. No. 626 -22