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ITEM – 2054 – SOLD – Winchester Model 61 In 22 Long Rifle Only New In Box With Special Label


Item Number 2054 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1948. The rifle’s serial number is 86244. It has the standard round barrel chambered for the 22 Long Rifle Only. This rifle is still in the shipping grease and is in new condition! The original bluing is 100% condition! This rifle has the standard sights with the factory installed Marble’s tang sight included as special order. The box end label is also stamped “Special” for that sight. This rifle also has the unusual lettering in front of the rear sight instead of the usual place of behind the rear sight. The stock and forend are in new condition. There is no blemishes to the wood. The original box is in very fine condition. The graphics are bright and clean The end label is intact and is serial numbered to this rifle. As mentioned, the end label also has the “Special” ink stamped on that label. This is a very highly collectable Winchester with two rare features. First, the tang sight and secondly the out of standard barrel lettering. To top that off!, This rifle is in new condition with the original box with original paper work and special label. This would be almost impossible to “TOP”!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (9) F. No. 631 -22