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National Postal Meter M1 Carbine in Unissued Condition – ITEM 2008


Item Number 2008 Category

This National Postal Meter Carbine’s barrel date is 1-44.  The carbine’s serial number is 4219579. It has the standard military dated barrel produced by Underwood. Underwood was one of the barrel suppliers for National Postal Meter as they did not produce their own barrels. This barrel is in minty condition. The front and rear sights are original to this carbine. This National Postal Meter has all of the correct original parts for the serial number range and time frame. This gun is in wonderful fine unissued looking condition! All of the original finish is intact on the gun and parts. The only wear is from working the bolt. The oval cut high wood stock and forend have all of the original finish intact. The stock and handguard is correctly {TN} coded for National Postal Meter. The magazine is also coded for National Postal Meter. National Postal Meter produced around 6.8% of the carbines manufactured during the war. That breaks down to 413017 carbines produced by them. To find a carbine in this nice of original condition is a real find! Here is one of these fine condition carbines for the collector to enjoy!

Curio&Relic LAKE (7) F. No. 620 -22