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Rare Heinrich Krieghoff 1940 Luger With Reject Star In Original Condition – ITEM 1887

Item Number 1887 Category

This Luger was produced early 1940. The pistol’s serial number is 10628. It has the standard 4 inch 9 m/m Parabellum barrel. The bore is in minty condition. This pistol is in all matched serial numbers. This includes the magazine! The pistol has the Luftwaffe Eagle 2 code on some of the parts. The aluminum bottom magazine also has the Luftwaffe Eagle 2 property stamp with the serial number on the aluminum base. The Crown N proof mark is on several of the pistol’s parts. The five point star rejection stamp is on the right side of the reciever where the usual acceptance stamps would have been. There is no other stamp present there. The lower frame has the Luftwaffe Eagle 2 below the star on the frame rail. The pistol has the brown plastic grips that are in very fine condition. The strawed parts have the war time weak straw finish. The strawed parts have very good light color. The original bluing would rate a 97% overall condition. The magazine is the 122 code Stick Eagle 37 inspected Magazine. There were 1100 pistols produced in 1940 for the Luftwaffe. This pistol was one of around 50 pistols that were rejected by the Luftwaffe for their personal use at that time. Most of these pistols were then issued to the police units or private purchase. These rejected pistols are quite rare today. The Luftwaffe rejected very few Lugers during the total production run. Most of these guns were rejected for blemishes which had nothing to do with service use or reliability of the pistol. The survival rate is quite poor for these Krieghoff Lugers. To find one of these Luftwaffe rejected Lugers in this fine of condition is a real find! This Luger would be a real showpiece in any Military Collection.


Curio&Relic KEEE (10) F. No. 5710-21