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Remington Original Model 1903 A4 Sniper Rifle In Fine Service Condition ITEM 3108

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This Remington’s barrel date is 9-43. The rifle’s serial number is 3419926. This serial number falls into the block of serial numbers assigned for sniper rifles. The serial number block is 3407088 To 3427087. There were 20,000 sniper guns built in that block series. This rifle has the standard 24 inch barrel chambered for the 30 Government 1906 [30-06] service round. The bore is in fine condition. This barrel correctly has never had the front sight installed. On each side of the receiver below the scope base is properly stamped with the Remington name and model number and on the other side is the serial number. The scope is the Weaver Model 330. This scope has clear lens with the standard cross hairs. The original leather lens caps are still present. This rifle shows service use but no abuse. The stock is in very nice condition with no dents or damage. The original military finish would rate a 98% condition. The plastic combination oiler with the yellow end caps is in the stock storage compartment. This Sniper rifle is a fine example of the rifles used in the service! This is a nice quality firearm that would be a fine addition to any collection!

Curio&Relic  ACKE (4) F. No. 711 -24