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Remington U.M.C. Model 1911 Service Pistol In Original Condition ITEM 2090

Item Number 2090 Category

This Remington U.M.C. pistol was produced in 1918. The pistol’s serial number is 3758. This pistol has the correct [P] stamped barrel. The bore is bright with very light surface pitting. The lands are sharp and clean. All of the parts are correct for this pistol. The magazine is the correct style for this Remington U.M.C. The wood grips are in fine condition with two spots of flattening of the points. The action works great with no issues. Some time in the past someone tried to remove the United States Property from the frame. There is a slight dishing of the lettering but it is still readable today. The original finish is intact but shows honest service wear and use. This is a fine example of these rare Remington U.M.C. 1911 pistols. The original World War 1 Holster is by Boyt and is dated 1917. This holster is in good service condition. There is no repairs or damage to this holster. The holster shows service use consistent with the pistol. The holster and pistol make a great display set! The original box of shells is for display only.

Curio&Relic LOLE (11) F. No. 638 – 648 -22