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Smith & Wesson Early World War 1 Model 1917 Pistol Rig ITEM 2087

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This Smith & Wesson pistol was produced early 1918. The pistol’s serial number is 25054. It has the standard 5 1/2 inch barrel chambered for the 45 A.C.P. standard military cartridge. The bore and chambers are in bright minty condition. The barrel is correctly marked under the barrel United States Property. The smooth wood grips have the early style dished grip top. There is one very small chip on the left grip panel. Other than that these grips are in fine condition. The cylinder crane hinge still has the spring plunger intact that keeps the cylinder from bouncing around during loading. The original bluing would rate a strong 98% condition. The color cased hammer and trigger retain 98% of that finish. The action works smoothly as would be expected from Smith & Wesson. The holster is in very fine condition as made by Grafton And Knight in 1918. The ammunition pouch is by R.H. Long dated 1918. The ammunition is dated 1918 also. The web belt is the model 1912 style. This makes for a very nice original display rig from the First World War, as every thing is in very fine original as issued condition!

Curio&Relic BRKE  (11) F. No. 637 -22