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Smith & Wesson Forth Model Straight Line Target Single Shot 22 Pistol ITEM 3039

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This Smith & Wesson Single Shot 22 Long Rifle was produced from 1925 to 1936. This pistol’s serial number is 441. There was a total of 1,870 of these fine pistols produced during that time. This pistol has the standard 10 inch target barrel. This barrel swings out sideways to load. The bore is in minty condition. The action locks up tight. These fine grips are original to this pistol. The trigger release is light and crisp. The original bluing would rate a 97% or better condition. This pistol has been lightly used.  Unfortunately I do not have the original box for this pistol. These single shot pistols are modern looking and very well made! This is certainly a collector grade pistol that can still shoot with high accuracy! The box of 22 shells are for display only.

Curio&Relic R.F. Consn. (9) F. No. 686 -23