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Smith & Wesson Model 1905 Fourth Change In 32 W.C.F. With Factory Nickel Finish ITEM 2194

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This Smith & Wesson was produced in the late 1930’s. The pistol’s serial number is 78483. It has the 4 inch barrel chambered for the 32 Winchester [32-20] cartridge. The bore and chambers are in excellent condition. The factory nickel plating is in very fine condition with no wear or scratches on the surface. The plating would rate a 98% or better condition! The color cased hammer and trigger are in vivid color. The color cased finish would also rate a 98% or better condition. The crane still has the spring loaded stop to keep the crane from bouncing around when loading. The original grips are in fine condition. The action works very nice with no issues. This pistol shows very little use or being fired! This is a very stunning Smith & Wesson! This pistol is certainly a fine collector grade for the discerning collector!
Curio&Relic AKE (7) F. No. 674 -23