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Smith & Wesson Very Early Production Model 1917 Military Revolver ITEM 2167

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This Smith & Wesson was produced in 1917. The pistol’s serial number is 2843. This is the standard Military contract pistol Model 1917. This pistol is chambered to shoot the 45 A.C.P. ammunition in half moon clips. The factory letter states that this pistol was shipped from Smith & Wesson on November 17th 1917 to United States Armory at Springfield. This pistol has survived in near minty condition! The original bluing would rate a 99% or better condition. The color cased trigger and hammer retain all of the color cased finish. The hammer is the correct early style hammer with the fine grooved surface to reduce friction. The grips are the correct early wood grips with the dished top portion. These grips are also in fine condition. This pistol does shows sign of being fired. The barrel and chambers are in minty condition. This very early Smith & Wesson having survived in this fine of condition is a true miracle! Most of these early pistols saw service in the Great War of 1914 – 1918. To have a very early production pistol in this fine of condition is a real find! This Smith & Wesson would be a real outstanding addition to any Military and Smith & Wesson collection!

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