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Smith & Wesson Victory Model U.S. Navy Pistol With Original Navy Shoulder Holster – ITEM 1914


Item Number 1914 Category

This Smith & Wesson was produced around 1943. The pistol’s serial number is V 200561. It has the 4 inch barrel chambered for the 38 Special. The bore is bright and sharp. The action works smoothly with no issues. The cylinder locks up snug. There is the usual slight drag line between the cylinder stops. The hammer and trigger have good color cased finish. The left side frame top strap is marked U.S. Navy. The original war time finish is intact the finish would rate a 96% overall condition. The wood grips are the correct style smooth grips. The U.S. Navy marked holster is by Boyt and dated 1944. These shoulder holsters were usually issued to Navy Air Craft Carrier pilots. This holster is in very fine condition. The leather is supple and very serviceable. There is no repairs or alterations done on this holster. This Smith & Wesson and holster is a correct rig for Navy issue to pilots during the war. This is a seldom seen pistol rig from the Navy. This pistol rig would be a fine addition to any military collection or Smith & Wesson Collection.


Curio&Relic J.M.C. Consn. (11) F. No. 576 -21