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Springfield Armory Model 1903 Rifle With N.R.A. Logo In Very Fine Condition ITEM 2197

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This Springfield Model 1903 was produced in 1916. The rifle’s serial number is 623044. This rifle has the standard 24 inch Springfield  barrel with the barrel date of 1-16. This rifle is chambered for the 30 Government 1906 cartridge. The bore is very fine with sharp lands and bright. The sights are original to this rifle. The trigger guard assembly has the N.R.A. stamp with the flaming bomb just below the receiver base screw. This N.R.A. stamp denotes that this rifle was a N.R.A. purchase for their members. These N.R.A. rifles has better than standard  barrels for target shooting. These rifles were selected at the Armory for that purpose. These rifles were available for purchase from 1913 to 1916. These are rare rifles to find today! These rifles have the standard military fittings as they would have been used by the military at that time. The rifle is inspected by Joseph S. Adams and the JSA cartouche is stamped on the left side of the stock above the trigger. The safety is color cased. The fittings are highly polished with milled parts. The exposed barrel has 95% high polish bluing. The receiver has 90% of the original finish intact. The trigger guard assembly and floor plate retain about 88% or better of the original finish. The stock has the high hump hand guard to protect the rear sight. The stock is in very fine original condition. There is a very light surface line by the recoil plate. The stock retains all of the original finish. The sling is a original military sling dated 1918.  The butt plate trap door retains the original oiler and pull through bore kit. This rifle also has a original Springfield 1916 dated bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet is in almost unissued condition! This is a stunning original complete combination 1903 Springfield with the rare N.R.A. marking! This rifle would be hard to beat! if you are looking for a early unaltered Springfield with rare background!

Curio&Relic CREE (7) F. No. 675 -23