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Very Rare Rock-Ola / Inland Line Out Receiver M1 Carbine From World War 2 – ITEM 1958

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This Rock-Ola Line Out was produced between June 8 1943 To July 29 1943. The Carbine’s Serial Number is 586468. the barrel is by Rock-Ola and is undated. The bore is in very fine condition. Rock-Ola was having trouble producing their own receivers during this time frame. To keep production going, Inland Division of General Motors shipped 1900 receivers to Rock-Ola during June and July of 1943. Rock-Ola then lined out Inland and added Rock-Ola below the serial number. This was to denote that Rock-Ola used this receiver to build their gun. This Rock-Ola has one of these shipped Inland Receivers. This carbine has all the correct Rock-Ola parts for the serial number range and time frame. This is not a rebuild gun! These parts show wear and use consistent with the rest of the carbine. The original parkerized finish would rate a 95% overall condition. The flat bolt is by Rock-Ola and has the original blued finish. This Carbine still has the original type one barrel band. The sights are original to this gun. The early “I” stock has the correct RMC and Ordnance Wheel stamp on the right side of the stock. The oiler is also coded for Rock-Ola! The correct early style magazine is R-C coded for Rock-Ola. This gun being one of only 1900 ever produced is highly valuable! To have survived in it’s original as issued condition is really amazing! To give another perspective Rock-Ola only produced 3.7% of the carbines produced during World War 2. That breaks down to 228,500 carbines. Of those guns only 1900 were produced with the Line Out Receivers. And of those Line Outs how many survived in it’s original as issued condition? Not Many! Here is a very rare Carbine for the advanced collector to have as a top show piece in their collection!
Curio&Relic CELK (5) F. No. 602-22