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Walther ac 41 Code P. 38 Pistol Rig With Matching Magazine ITEM 2171


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This Walther P. 38 was produced in 1941. The pistol’s serial number is 3950 G. This military pistol is all matched numbers including one magazine. The bore is in very fine bright condition. This pistol has the early high polish finish. This pistol shows holster wear which has faded some of the original bluing. The bluing would rate a 88% or better overall condition. The plastic wrap around grips are in very fine condition. The action works just fine with no issues. The spare magazine is not serial numbered. The holster is coded jwa 42. This holster is in very fine condition and is fully serviceable. Inside of the leather cover is the name of the soldier. Leutrant Carl Muller Gestapo with difficult to read number. This pistol was a veteran’s take home. These early model P.38 pistols are very hard to find today! Having a matched magazine is a real plus! The holster’s condition and quality also adds to the pistol’s value and collectability. This early P.38 pistol rig would be a fine addition to any military collection! The Original ammunition is for display only and not for sale.

Curio&Relic S.B. Consn. (3) F. No. 663 -23