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Walther P. 38 With First AC Code Usage 1940 All Matching Numbers ITEM 3042

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This Walther P. 38 was produced in 1940. The pistol’s serial number is 8397b. This pistol has a minty bore and very bright. This pistol is chambered for the 9 m/m Luger German service round. This pistol is all matched numbers including the magazine. This pistol does show some light service use and holster wear. 1940 was the first year the factory started using the [ac] code on the slides. This pistol has the high polish finish and workmanship. The original bluing would rate a 94% condition. The grips are in very fine condition with no damage. The action works great with no issues. The magazine is in very fine condition with the serial number stamped on the toe of the floor plate. These ac coded 1940 dated pistols are now considered very difficult to find today and are rare. Here is a very fine example of these early P. 38’s that is all matched numbers including the magazine!

Curio&Relic W.T. Consn (10) F. No. 690 -23