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Winchester Early Model 1892 Carbine In 44 W.C.F. In Fine Condition ITEM 3103

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This Winchester was produced in 1899. The carbine’s serial number is 167048. This carbine has the standard 20 inch barrel chambered to shoot the 44 W.C.F. {44-40} cartridge. The bore is in very fine condition with a bright bore. The original standard carbine sights are intact on this gun. This carbine shows some wear, but this gun has been very well cared for. The original bluing on the barrel and magazine tube would rate a 98% overall condition. The receiver would rate about 94% overall. The bolt would rate 98% condition. The lever’s color cased finish would rate 74% strong condition on the left side. The right side of the lever would rate 30% faded condition. The hammer would rate 60% color cased finish. The stock and forend retain all of the original finish. There is no cracks or wood damage to the stock or forend. There is one dent on the left side of the forend otherwise the wood is in very fine condition. The action works smoothly as expected and locks up snug. This is a very fine condition Early Winchester Model 1892 Carbine in the highly collectable 44 W.C.F. These early Carbines saw hard service, very few of these guns survived in this nice of condition especially with this fine of condition bore! This carbine is certainly a wonderful example of these early carbines! The original Winchester loading tools are for display only and not for sale.

Curio&Relic HREE  (4) F. No. 711 -24