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Winchester Early Model 1917 Military Rifle In Very Nice Condition – ITEM 1948

Item Number 1948 Category

This Winchester’s barrel date is 1-1918. The rifle’s serial number is 304840. This rifle has a very fine bright bore! The sights are marked “W” for Winchester. The bolt is also by Winchester. The stock has the “W” at the stock tip as made by Winchester There is no rebuild marks on the stock. The original metal finish is intact. The action works smoothly with no issues. The shell ejector works fine. The stock has no cracks or damage. This rifle shows service use and wear. There is no abuse to this nice rifle. This is a honest service used rifle that has been well cared for. The metal finish would rate a 95% overall condition. The stock would rate a 92% overall condition. I also have a very fine original Remington  Model 1917 Bayonet with the original fine condition scabbard for sale that would go nicely with this rifle. These Winchester Model 1917 rifles are really hard to find in this nice of condition today! Having a great bore is a real plus!
Curio&Relic  BKBE (4)  F. No. 599 – 22