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Winchester Model 1873 Rifle In 32 W.C.F. In Fine Condition With Rare Sights ITEM 2198

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This Winchester was produced in 1889. The rifle’s serial number is 290840. This Winchester has the standard 24 inch round barrel chambered for the 32 W.C.F. [32-20] cartridge. The bore is in bright fine condition with sharp lands. The bore has no pitting or other issues. The front sight is the folding globe sight with the blade sight in the down position and the post and dot in the up position. The rear sight is the factory standard rear sight with sliding elevator. The tang sight is the tall graduated disc sight with screw out base to dismount the sight. These sights are quite rare to see on Winchesters. Most of these sights are found on large bore Winchesters. To find these sights on small bore guns is very rare. The action is very tight and not worn. The action works smoothly with a crisp trigger pull. The carrier and lever springs are strong and not worn. The dust cover is tight on the rail with no play. The hammer and lever show colorful faded color cased finish. The original bluing would rate 90% or better condition. The loading gate has the nitre blued finish. This rifle shows very little sign of use or being fired. The stock and forend are in very fine condition. There is no damage or cracks to the wood. The original finish is intact.  This was a very well cared for gun that has survived the years with dignity. This Winchester would be a stunning addition to any collection with these rare sights!

Antique AKKE (7) F. No. 675 -23