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ITEM 1944 – SOLD – Winchester Model 1895 Lee Navy Straight Pull Rifle Bayonet And Scabbard


Item Number 1944 Category

This is an original Winchester Lee Navy bayonet and scabbard. This bayonet is properly marked with a Triangle and a T in the center of the Triangle. The “T” stands for Navy Inspector Ensign Nathan C. Twinning. He was the first Navy inspector of the Winchester Lee Navy Rifles and Accessories. The scabbard is also Triangle T Inspected. The blade has no nicks or damage to the blade. The blade has the original polished finish. The blade handle is in fine condition showing some service use and wear. The scabbard is also in very fine condition. The leather is in very fine condition with no loose stitching or damage. The leather and metal parts retain their original finish. These Winchester Lee Bayonets are rare today. This bayonet would certainly enhance the looks of a Winchester Lee rifle to display!
CKE (3) F. No. 596 -22