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Winchester Model 61 Late Style Standard 22 Rifle As New In The Original Box ITEM 3074

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This Late Model Winchester was produced in 1962. The rifle’s serial number is 340828. This is the standard model with the 24 inch round barrel chambered to shoot the 22 Short, Long And Long Rifle. This rifle shows no sign of being fired. This Winchester has the grooved receiver top for mounting a scope. This rifle may have been assembled, most likely for display in a gun shop. The factory bluing would rate a 99% or better condition. The only slight spot of blue lightness is under the barrel on the left side where the forend would rub the barrel during working the action. This is very faint and hardly noticeable at all. The Stock and forend are in new condition. The plastic butt plate shows sign of oxidation due to long storage. That oxidation is easily wiped off. The original box is in fair condition. The cardboard receiver sleeve is missing in this box. The hanging tag and instruction booklet is present. The wrapping paper is also present. The yellow end label is there and serial numbered to this rifle. There is a overwrite on the label saying SAVE. This is a very fine New Condition Winchester Model 61 with it’s original box. Guns in their original boxes are not commonly seen on the collector market! Here is a fine example of a late model Winchester with the box!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn (12) F. No. 700 -23