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Russian Mosin Nagant 1891-30 P.U. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle In Original Condition ITEM 3054

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This rifle was produced in 1943 at Izhevsk Arsenal. The rifle’s serial number is FN 583. It is chambered for the Russian 7.62 x 54R cartridge. This rifle is in unused condition. The bore is bright and sharp. It does have a faint importers stamp on the barrel below the front sight. This rifle is all matched serial numbers including the scope. The scope is a 3 1/2 power scope. This scope has clear lens and fine optics. The scope works correctly with no issues. This rifle shows very little sign of being fired or used. This rifle shows some crudeness of manufacturing which is expected for Russian arms during the war, The arsenals were pushed hard to produce arms for their troops during the German invasion of the Russian homeland. The scope can be removed easily and reinstalled with no problems. The bolt has the correct extended bolt handle for easier operation with the scope. This rifle can be used with the scope or the iron sights without the scope being removed. This is a very fine historical sniper rifle that is in original arsenal condition.

Curio&Relic W.T. Consn. (11) F. No. 692 -23