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ITEM 1952 -SOLD – Winchester Model 61 Pump Rifle In 22 Short Only With Original Box


Item Number 1952 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1953. The rifle’s serial number is 192131. It has the standard round barrel chambered to shoot the 22 Short only. This is not a Gallery gun but a special order 22 Short only gun. This rifle is slightly used. The bluing would rate a 98% or better condition. The stock and pump handle would rate the same. The bore is minty and bright. The sights are the standard sights for this model. The original box is serial numbered to this gun. The end label is fully intact and readable. The box is in sound condition and is in clean condition. This box is the latter model box without the graphics. The pamphlet and 10 commandments of safety notice is included. To find a Model 61 with special order features is rare! This rifle being chambered for the 22 Short only and not a Gallery gun is quite rare! Having the original box is a real plus! This boxed Winchester would be a real prize in any collection!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (6) F. No. 603 -22