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Winchester Model 61 Standard 22 With Rare Lettering In Early Graphics Box ITEM 3144

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This Winchester was produced in 1948. The rifle’s serial number is 81889. This Winchester is in new condition. This rifle has the rare lettering in front of the rear sight rather behind the rear sight. The bore is minty. The barrel is chambered to shoot the 22 Short, Long, And Long Rifle Cartridge. This rifle may show some sign of being assembled. There is no sign of being fired. The receiver has the smooth top. The original bluing would rate a 99% or better condition. The stock and forend are in new condition. The buttplate is the early steel style buttplate. The Box has the early graphics. The graphics are bold and clean. The end label is intact. This box is serial numbered to this rifle. The box is strong and sound. The corners are intact. The factory papers and hanging tag is with the box. This is a stunning Model 61 with a very fine original graphics box. It is very hard to find early Winchester 61’s with the graphics box let alone a fine condition box! Here is a high quality collectors grade Model 61 for the discriminating collector!

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