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Winchester Model M1 Carbine In Very Early Production ITEM 2088

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This Winchesters Barrel date is 11-42. This carbine is second month of production. The Winchester’s Serial number is 1004687. Winchester’s serial numbering for carbines start at Serial Number 1,000,000. This makes this carbine the 4687 Th gun produced. This Winchester appears to have all the correct parts for the serial number range and time frame. The Trigger housing has the double bevel feature. The Operating rod is a unmarked half moon early style rod. The hammer is the early style dog leg hammer. The stock has the correct stamps and “I” cut feature. The sights are original to this gun. The bore is in fine condition. The magazine is the early style Winchester magazine. The Oiler is Winchester coded. The sling is the early style sling. This carbine is in fine condition and appears to be in all original condition. This Winchester being a second month production carbine is a big deal! These very early carbines have a poor survival rate. Many were lost in service or were rebuilt. This Winchester carbine managed to avoid those issues that plagued these early carbines. This carbine would be a great addition to any military collection.

Curio&Relic AHKE (3) F. No. 655 -23