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World War 1 Remington U.M.C. Model 1911 45 A.C.P. Ammunition In Clips For 1917 Revolvers ITEM 2118

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This is an original box of 45 A.C.P. Ammunition That is loaded in half moon clips for the 1917 Revolvers. This is an original World War 1 Box by Remington U.M.C. There is 24 shells in this box. This box is still sealed. The top of the box has some staining on the top corner and near the center of the box. The front label and printing is very clear and readable. These boxes are quite rare today! This would make a great display for showing with a Smith & Wesson or Colt Model 1917 revolver of World War 1 Vintage!

S.B. Consn. (12) F. No. 646 -22