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Colt Single Action Army First Generation In 41 Long Colt ITEM 2091

Item Number 2091 Category

This Colt was produced in 1901. The pistol’s serial number is 209511. This Colt has the 4 3/4 inch barrel chambered for the 41 Long Colt cartridge. The bore and chambers are bright with sharp lands on the barrel. The action works great with no issues. The cocks are intact with no repairs or damage. The hammer has great color cased finish. The screws have the nitre blued finish with no burred screws. The grips are the hard rubber original style grips with no serial numbers. The original charcoal finish would rate a 75% overall condition. The color cased frame would rate a 82% or better condition. The cylinder base pin has the correct little holes on each end. The trigger still has nice traces of nitre bluing. This is a far above average condition Colt Single Action pistol! The action works great, The bore is in fine condition, The original color cased finish is very strong and the charcoal bluing is also in fine condition. Being a 41 Long Colt is also a big plus! This is the kind of early Colts that collectors hope to find for their collections!

Curio&Relic LCEE (11) F. No. 637 -22