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ITEM – 2011 – SOLD – Winchester Model 1903 22 Self Loading With Custom Engraving


Item Number 2011 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1923.  The rifle’s serial number is 109545. This rifle has the standard 20 inch barrel chambered for the 22 Winchester Self Loading cartridge {22 Win Auto}. The bore is in very fine condition. The sights are original to this gun. The action works smoothly with no issues. This standard model Winchester has been engraved in the Winchester pattern. The quality of the work is very fine. The scrolling and animal vignettes are of fine quality workmanship. The engraving is pleasing to the eye. The rifle has been refinished after the engraving. The polish work is done correctly without loosing the factory lettering or rounding the corners. The new finish would rate a 99% or better condition. The stock has also been refinished. The wood has no cracks or damage. The wood grain shows nicely. This rifle shows no sign of being used after the engraving and refinish work. This is a very nicely done Model 1903 rifle. I have ammunition for sale for this rifle if needed.

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (7) F. No. 619 -22