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Japanese Type 94 Early Complete Pistol Rig With Shoulder Straps ITEM 3044

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This pistol was produced in 8 – 1940. The pistol’s serial number is 10407. This type 94 was produced a the Kokubunji Arsenal. This pistol shoots the standard 8 m/m Nambu pistol service round. This pistol is in all matched numbers including one magazine. The spare magazine is a correct period magazine for this pistol. The bore is minty and bright. The action shows very little use or being fired. The original rust bluing would rate a 98% or better condition. The strawed parts are lightly faded. The action works just fine. The original holster has the correct shoulder strap intact. The cleaning rod is also present. The holster does show service use but no abuse. The stitching is intact with no other issues. This is a very fine condition type 94 pistol. Having a correct period holster and cleaning rod as well as the spare magazine is a real find! These earlier type 94 are so much nicer made than the latter war time produced pistols! Here is one of the nicer produced pistols with the issued accessories intact. This pistol would be a fine addition to any military collection!

Curio&Relic W.T. Consn. (10) F. No. 690 -23