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ITEM 1928 -SOLD- Mauser K98K Rifle byf Coded In Fine Original Condition


Item Number 1928 Category

This Mauser was produced in 1945. The rifle’s serial number is 944. It is chambered for the 8M/M German service round. The bore is in minty condition. This rifle is all matched numbers including the bolt. The action works smoothly with no issues. The sights are original to this rifle. This Mauser is a late war Kriegsmodell. This style of 98k was adopted in late 1944 to speed up production for the war effort. The modifications were to eliminate the cleaning rod, bayonet mounting stud and disassembly disc on the stock. There were other minor alterations done at that same time for production speed up. This Mauser is a fine example of these changes done to speed up war production. The original bluing would rate a 95% overall condition. The trigger housing and floor plate appear to have the grey phosphate finish. Some other small parts also have the same grey finish. This finish is certainly correct for this time frame. The stock is in very fine condition with no damage or cracks. The Mauser code is present on this stock. The code is hard to read but it is there. This stock also is not a duffle bag cut stock. The sling is a fine condition original leather sling. This rifle is a high quality collector grade rifle that certainly will appeal to the military collector! There are more standard issue 98k’s that have survived the war rather than these late production style rifles that were produced for a very short time. Here is a very nice prime condition late production rifle that has survived the war in original as issued condition!


Curio&Relic LOHE (2) F. No. 586 -22