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Remington U.M.C. Sealed Box Of 45 A.C.P. Ammunition ITEM 3092

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This Remington U.M.C. box is still sealed. Two of the seals are no longer sealing the box. However the other two seals are still intact. This box was produced before World War One. The bullet weight is the earlier 200 grain bullet weight that was commonly seen for the Colt Model 1905 Self Loading pistols. The box is sound with no damage. The label is clean and easy to read. These early boxes of 45 A.C.P.’s are seldom encountered today. Here is a nice early box of 45 A.C.P. ammunition that would display well with the Colt Model 1905 and the early Colt 1911 Pistols.

BEE (3) F. No. 705 -24