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Winchester M1 Carbine Presentation Gun With Extra Fancy Wood – ITEM 1854

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This Winchester was produced in 1943 or latter. The receiver is not the earlier detachable spring tube style. This carbine was not issued a serial number. This Presentation Carbine has all Winchester parts The Stock is the early “I” stock style. The external parts are early style. The internal parts are latter production style. These parts have the original Winchester finish intact. The barrel has the Winchester “W” with no proof mark. The Barrel has the Winchester Du Lite Finish. The bolt is the flat blued bolt style. Most of the small parts have the “W”. Some parts are not marked. This includes the stock and forend not being coded. The magazine is I W Coded. the oiler is also Winchester coded. It has the type one barrel band. The stock and handguard have stunning figured wood! The photos really do not do this wood justice! The wood figuring and finish is what you would see on a Winchester extra fancy commercial grade gun! I have seen many presentation guns that were produced after the War for V.I.P.’S and so forth. None of these presentation guns are anywheres near as pretty and stunning as this Winchester! This Winchester is the best of them all!


Curio&Relic KLKE (6) F. No. 560 -21