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Winchester First Year Production Model 1892 Standard Rifle In Desirable 38 W.C.F. ITEM 3116

Item Number 3116 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1892 in the first year of production of this model. The rifle’s serial number is 22217. The 24 inch standard round barrel is chambered for the 38 W.C.F. [38-40] cartridge. The bore and rifling is in very fine clean bright condition. There is no pitting or other issues with this bore. The sights are original to this Winchester. This rifle also has the correct style Lyman Tang Sight. This tang sight appears to have been installed when this rifle was new. There is no damaged screws or abuse to this rifle. The barrel blue would rate a 95% original blue The receiver would rate a 55% bright blue. The bolt retains almost all of it’s bluing. The lever and hammer retain traces of the color cased finish. The stock and forend retain almost all of the original finish. There is some handling marks and light surface dents from use and wear. The action works great with no issues. This Winchester is a very fine representation of these early model rifles. Being chambered for the highly collectable 38 W.C.F. is also a big plus with this rifle! It is not often with these early Winchesters to find these guns with this good of bores! This rifle was well cared for and appreciated. This rifle would be a fine addition to any Western or Winchester collection!

Antique AOKE (5) F. No. 715 -2024