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Winchester Model 61 Early Counter Bored 22 Shotgun With Grooved And Matted Receiver Top ITEM 2121

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This Winchester was produced in 1941. The shotgun’s serial number is 53842. This early Winchester has the counter bored 24 inch round barrel. The gun is chambered to shoot 22 long rifle shot shells only. There is no rear sight slot on the barrel. The receiver top is grooved and matted similar to the Winchester Model 12 Shotgun. The front sight is the standard German Silver bead sight.  This gun also has the early small forend. The shotgun shows use and wear. There is no abuse or alterations on this gun. The stock and forend have their original finish intact. There is no cracks or wood damage to the stock and forend. The action works fine with no issues. The original bluing would rate a 92% or better condition. These grooved and matted receiver tops are fairly rare to find on these 22 shotguns. Here is a nice early original Pre War counter bored Winchester Model 61 that has not been altered or reblued. The original period shot shell boxes are for display only and not for sale.

Curio&Relic CCEE (12) F. No. 648 -22