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ITEM 1921-SOLD – Winchester Model 36 Bolt Action 9 M/M Rim Fire Shotgun


Item Number 1921 Category

These shotguns were produced between 1920 to 1927. They were not serial numbered. The total production was around 20,306 guns, These 9 M/M rim fire shotguns could shoot 9 M/M short and long shot shells as well as 9 M/M round ball loads. This model Winchester was a single shot manual cocking shotgun. The stock was gum wood . There were no fancy models produced. Most of these shotguns that come up on the gun market are in poor condition. This shotgun is in very good condition. The stock is in very fine condition with no cracks or damage. The original buttplate is fully intact with no chips or other damage. The shotgun’s original bluing is in patina condition. The front sight is intact as a standard shotgun bead sight. The action works smoothly and locks up snug. The cocking piece works fine with a good trigger release. The shell ejector works crisply with no issues. This Winchester is certainly a functional shotgun! This Winchester is a far better than average condition Model 36 Shotgun than is seen on the market today! Most of these guns have beat up stocks for example. This stock is in very fine original condition with no real blemishes. The patina finish has a pleasing look to it. This is a highly collectable very difficult to find in this good of condition 9 M/M shotgun for the collector to find and enjoy.


Curio&Relic B.M. Consn (7) F. No. 562 -21