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Winchester Model 61 In 22 Short Only With Rare Round Barrel -ITEM 2052


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This Winchester was produced in 1954. The rifle’s serial number is 209291. It has the standard 24 inch round barrel chambered for the 22 Short only. This rifle is in almost new condition. The action has been very lightly operated. There is no sign of this rifle being fired. The original bluing would rate a 99% or better condition. The only sign of slide use is under the slide rail. That is where some very light blue loss is visible. The rest of this rifle is in minty condition. The stock and forend retain all of the original finish. This is a very fine condition Winchester in the rare round barrel 22 Short only configuration. This rifle would be a highlight in any collection!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (9) F. No. 632 -22