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ITEM 1972 – SOLD – Winchester Model 61 Rare Smooth Bore Non Counter Bored 22 Long Rifle Shot Only In Original Box


Item Number 1972 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1958. The shotgun’s serial number is 290919. This gun is new in the original box! There is no sign of this gun being assembled. This gun is in minty condition! This Winchester has the straight smooth bore. Most of these 22 shotguns were counter bored at the muzzle. It is very rare to find a straight smooth bore. These straight smooth bore guns were usually special order only. There is no provision for a rear sight on the barrel. The front sight is the German Silver Shotgun bead.  This gun also has the grooved top receiver. The box is in very nice condition. Only two of the retaining shipping tapes were cut. The uncut tapes act as a box lid hinge. This gun also has the original papers inside the box. The end label is intact and is serial numbered to this gun. This is a very rare Winchester 61! This gun being in the original box and in new condition is a real standout! I do not know how you could top this gun for these 61 Model Winchesters!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (6) F. No. 609 -22