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Winchester British Pattern 14 Rifle In Mint Unissued Condition ITEM 3104

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This Winchester British Pattern 14 Rifle was made approximately Early 1917. The rifle’s serial number is W 190105. This rifle has the standard 26 inch barrel chambered for the 303 British service round. The receiver has the clip ears fitted to use the standard British stripper 5 round charger.  The bore is in minty unfired condition. This rifle is in minty unissued condition! The original bluing would rate a 99+% Overall condition! The stock and handguard would rate the same fine condition! Even the buttplate retains all of the original bluing! This rifle is all matched serial numbers including the rear sight. The magazine floor plate also retains all of the high polish finish. This rifle has all of the proper British acceptance proof marks. All of the parts are marked with the Winchester [W] stamp. The bolt has the high polish in the white finish with the bolt handle blued. The bolt face shows no sign of being fired. The barrel bands and bayonet lug barrel band have the high polish finish. The muzzle also has the high polish in the white finish. This British Pattern 14 is the finest rifle I have ever seen outside the Cody Winchester Museum! This Pattern 14 Rifle is the forerunner of the American Military Model 1917 Rifle as used in World War One. If you are looking for a stunning Military Rifle for your collection, This is it!

Curio&Relic AOEE (4) F. No. 712 -24