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Winchester Model 61 In 22 Short Only In New Unfired Condition ITEM 2185


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This Winchester was produced in 1948. The rifle’s serial number is 93928. This is a rare round barrel rifle chambered for the 22 Short Only. These 22 Short round barrel rifles were produced for a very short time and in limited production. This rifle is in new unfired condition. The bluing would rate a 100% condition. The stock and forend would rate the same condition. This rifle has the rare lettering, in that the lettering is in front of the rear sight rather than behind the rear sight as it is normally placed. The sights are the standard sights for this model. The polish work on the receiver is first rate and bright blue. The wood on this rifle is a very nice piece of straight grain Walnut and shows well. The loading port on the magazine tube is correctly cut out for the shorts only. This is a stunning rifle that only needs a box to complete the ensemble!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (6) F. No. 671 -23